Crowdfunding and crowd investing

Crowd investing is a new way to invest in early-stage businesses and startups online. For project owners it’s an easy way to get financing for the project in very short time.

Crowd investing term usually used when a big group of private individuals, the crowd, co-invest in business or startup and usually online. Crowd investing combines both equity and debt forms of investing as well as hybrid forms of the two.

Active crowd investment projects with high interest rates:

Summer concert (12.5% pa)

Financing the construction of residential house (18% pa)

Hillresorts am Schlosspark (6% pa)

High-end Row-House in Marupe (2 projects)

2xS15 40ft Mining Units

Financing of opening a mixed hotel/hostel project in Old Riga

Alborg Petrol

Crypto-mining container #2

VV Line

Recommended crowd investment platforms:

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