Alborg Petrol Case official Kuetzal press release

For the past days Kuetzal platform has received a sufficient amount of questions regarding the SIA Alborg Petrol company and it’s activities.

As the complex, and, in their opinion, the most effective solution Kuetzal and Alborg Petrol management decided to invite independent auditor, who would perform a company research on current and past operations of SIA Alborg Petrol.

Several potential candidates have already been selected, therefore mentioned person will be announced very soon.

The main purpose is to establish a transparent process, where all the investors and other stakeholders will also be able to contact auditor directly.

As Kuetzal team mentioned before, their general position about the project is rather optimistic, even though doubtful facts about the company were confirmed.

To date Alborg Petrol fulfilled all their financial obligations, there were no interest payments delays by the company.

Kuetzal is planning to announce the auditor name and contacts shortly, all the project participants will be informed respectively.

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