Crowdestate real estate crowd investment platform

Platform started in 2015. Platform comes from Estonia.

In February 2019 CrowdEstate platform had over 28200 investors. To that date they had over 140 projects. In term of money – over 58 million euro raised. Average interest rate was 11-14%

Some details:

Platform Type: Real Estate Crowdfunding
Start: 2015, Estonia.
Modalities: fixed rate. Projects are loans for real estate projects of various types. Some projcts are funded in multiple stages over several months.
Currencies: Euro
Return rates: around 19.2
Minimum investment (per one investment): 100 EUR.
Buyback: No buybacks, like most of real estate crowd investment platforms.
Interface / Tools: Quite complete. You can access graphs that show you how you’ve been investing over time, interest earned and (very interesting) those that will generate over the next three months. You can download reports in pdf format, but not in Excel or CSV. And neither can you download the list of projects and their characteristics.
Taxes: They do not withhold taxes.
Customer Support: Excellent, through a chat on their website, so you get a reply within minutes.
Website languages: English, Estonian, Russian, German and Italian.
Geo focus: Baltics (Estonia, Latvia and Italy)
Terms: Projects starting from 3 months to 2 years.

Platform Pros

  • Many large projects available with great returns
  • The platform features a long list of successfully exited projects
  • A secondary market is available

Platform Cons