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Invest in food products new crowd investing project at Kuetzal

SIA Meža Veltes is engaged in the manufacture of high-quality cranberry products. They are proud that the recipe for manufacturing our products in the territory of Latvia has not changed since 1991. Berries for production are picked up exclusively in Latvian forests with a healthy ecosystem. Berries enter production only after analyses and testing to the compliance with high-grade requirements have been conducted. Literally each berry passes through the hands of their professional employees, since no machine can handle a berry as gently and correctly as a human. They can reasonably declare that only natural raw materials are used in the manufacture of their products. Each year they export cranberry products to the markets of Estonia, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden, France and Canada. Due to strict quality control at all production stages, the Customer can be sure to get cranberries of the highest quality.

food products crowd investing
crowd investing food production

Why invest in SIA “Meža Veltes” (Key advantages)

  • Income opportunities. 13% fixed annual interest rate, 2 year maturity with monthly interest payments.
  • Hand made. The entire process of production is done by hand.
  • Ecological product. Cranberry supplier has BIO certificate for berries collected in the forests of Latvia.
  • Location. All the ingredients needed for the finished product, as well as the packaging and shipping containers, are procured in the territory of Latvia and have all the necessary quality certificates.
  • You are protected. Kuetzal Care and investment buy-back available.
Funding target:                     60000€
Funding limit:                        90000€
 Loan purpose:                       Growth
Kuetzal Care:                              yes
Investment buy-back:                  yes
Interest payment:                  monthly
Maturity payment:     after 24 months