Lifehacks in crowdfunding and crowd investments

Today, attracting investment in a project using crowdfunding platforms has become a working practice. People are ready to support a project with a good idea that solves existing problems. But what principles should be followed when designing a project?

Recently, I participated in the launch of a project on one of the crowdfunding sites. We approached the launch very seriously: we studied all the sites related to crowdfunding, promotion and the correct design of articles. And I would like to share some experience that we have gained during the preparation, in the form of several life hacks.

1. First contact. Do not neglect communication with the curator of your project. At all crowdfunding venues, after you create a project (draft), a curator is assigned to you. It is very important to find out all the details of the specifics of the description and design of the project on this site even before the start of its design and preparation of the material (photo and video). Learn about project evaluation criteria for approval right away. This will save you from rewriting the entire contents of the project after sending it for moderation.

Also, if your curator says that it would be desirable to add additional pictures or link a page on a social network – do it without hesitation! Indeed, hundreds of projects pass through the hands of curators, and they know their weaknesses better.

2. Pricing taking into account psychological factors. I mean the pricing of rewards. It would seem that this does not greatly affect sponsorship, but you are mistaken! If we simplify the model of crowd sites: the sponsor buys the goods he likes (remuneration), therefore, the success of the fees will depend on the design of price tags.

In short: make a price of 999 rubles (starting from 99). More than one study has been carried out proving the “bewitching” power of nines. For a detailed study of the link to Wikipedia.

3. Standing out cover. No, I’m not talking about the fact that it should be colorful and reflect the project itself well. Before making a cover, you need to go to the site’s site and find out 2 things: firstly, what background is on the main page of the site, and secondly, look at the covers of all new projects and understand what tone prevails in them. Based on this, you should choose the color scheme of your cover so that it is visible on the page and stands out among others.

4. Take an example. I am 90% sure that the idea of ​​your project is not new and echoes something already existing. And it’s not bad. While crowdfunding is only growing in Russia, in America and some other countries this is already a serious tool. Before starting your project, be sure to visit the most popular crowd sites in the world, for example,, Indiegogo or RocketHub and find a project similar to yours (perhaps only a theme). See how they present it, what rewards are offered, how the design is done, and also what the target audience looks like.

5. The direct question. After starting the project, you will hysterically write to everyone you know (take a word). Remember: at the end of the dialogue you must ask a very important question – “will you support the project?” Or “become a sponsor?” – this is a very difficult step, but extremely important. Thus, you call for responsibility of a person, he will really think about financing and will not be able to simply write “how interesting, I’ll look.”

That’s all, if there is interest, I will continue the topic and write additional tips and results of our project when it is completed. And remember: there are no trifles in crowdfunding!

Most popular crowd investment platforms: