The future of crowdfunding is clear

There are types of projects for which reward-based crowdfunding is a relatively quick and low-risk way of raising funds without the need for transferring a share of capital or partial ownership of a project idea. Never before has this type of raising capital been available to ordinary people. In the relatively short lifetime of the reward-based crowdfunding, many thousands of enterprises, products, and projects have been funded.

According to the Fundable crowdfunding platform, which offers crowdfunding tools mainly for small businesses (more on this in the third chapter, Introduction to crowdfunding platforms and services), by the end of the year at least 270 thousand new jobs will be created using remuneration-based crowdfunding, and the global economy will receive more than 65 billion dollars.

By 2020, crowdfunding will generate 3.2 trillion in the economy per year and help create 2 million jobs. These figures may increase even more as a result of the implementation of the Startup Companies Act (JOBS Act) passed by the US Congress, according to which citizens over the age of 18 are allowed to participate in crowdfunding projects based on the alienation of capital shares.

Now is the right time to think about the opportunities that reward-based crowdfunding opens up for us (and, in the future, crowdfunding, based on the alienation of the share of capital). So let’s get down to business!

Most popular crowd investment platforms:

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